Funding the web3 application layer

We are crypto-native investors who focus on products that push the space forward and drive mainstream adoption. Our team combines over 10 years of native Web3 investing experience with 15 years of investing and working with Web2 unicorns across various sectors.

We invest in crypto-native projects, with value likely to accrue at protocol level. We invest both privately at the earliest stages (pre token) and in more established protocols post-token issuance (liquid venture). We typically do not lead private rounds, and our checks span from $250k to $500k. We strive to offer founders something distinctive and complementary based on our extensive experience of backing product-centric Web2 winners.

No matter the stage, our investment approach is long-term and practical. We always take a 5-8 year outlook. We never invest in narratives. We instead look for products that open up new user behaviours, or provide tangible benefits to their users. We have a particular focus on the "application-layer" of Web3 (DeFi, gaming, social, software, DeSci…) as we believe that crypto infrastructure is now mature enough to be effectively utilised to create magical user experiences.

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